Miracle Paint Explosion Proof Paint Shakers for Hazardous Locations

Miracle Paint one gallon and five gallon explosion proof paint shakers allow users to mix in hazardous locations. These mixers are rated for Class I, Group D environments.

Our explosion proof paint mixers feature simple on-off switches, and operate without a timer. Consult your electrician for timer options for your explosion proof paint shaker.

A counter stand or floor stand (buyer’s choice) is included with the one gallon models. Miracle Paint Sport models offer a single arm paint mixer, while the Miracle Paint Challenger models offer a dual arm option.  

    DC-1-C EXPM-5 EXP Blue Boy

Miracle Paint’s hazardous environment paint shaker line includes:

Request a quote on an explosion proof paint shaker for your hazardous work environment, or contact Miracle Paint for more information.