Miracle Paint One Gallon Paint Shakers

Miracle Paint one gallon paint shakers are designed with a single axis rocking motion to provide a thorough and efficient mix at the most economical price. The secure clamping system will accommodate pint, quart, and one gallon containers.

These electric paint shakers are lightweight, quiet, and can easily be moved to different stations. They come with a 30 minute timer, and the power cord fits any standard wall outlet. A counter stand or floor stand is included with the selected model.

Miracle Paint Sport models offer a single arm paint mixer, while Miracle Paint Challenger models offer a dual arm option.

Miracle Paint’s line of one gallon paint mixing equipment includes:

If a dependable and durable mixing solution at a great value is what you’re looking for, look no further. With our large selection of one gallon paint shakers, it’s easy to find the right model to meet your needs.

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