Paint Shaker Parts & Accessories

Miracle Paint offers a wide range of optional parts, components and accessories for our industrial paint shakers. These OEM products will improve the performance and safety of any of our paint mixer models. See individual product listings for additional information and specifications.

Safety Enclosures

Miracle Paint offers safety enclosures for our M-5 and M-5EXP five gallon paint shakers. Safety enclosures are available for new orders and field upgrades.

Floor Stands, Counter Stands, Safety Covers & Isolator Cup Feet

Floor stands, counter stands and safety covers can be ordered with a new Pacer paint mixer, or as a replacement part for existing Pacer paint can shakers.  The Pacer floor stand, counter stand and isolator cup feet are also compatible with many Red Devil paint shakers. Isolator cup feet can also be used on Miracle Paint one gallon paint shakers.

Replacement Clamps

Replacement clamps are available for Miracle Paint and Pacer paint can shakers. Pacer clamps are also compatible with many Red Devil paint shakers.

Request a quote on replacement parts and accessories for your paint shaker, or contact us for more information on any of our paint mixing machines.