Paint Shaker Can Clamps

Miracle Paint and Pacer Industrial Mixers offer paint can clamps and replacement parts for our paint shakers, as well as some of our competitors’ paint shakers*--at a better price!

*Pacer replacement can clamps are also compatible with many Red Devil paint shakers.

Follow the links below to view parts manuals (.PDF) for Miracle Paint and Pacer paint shaker can clamps.

Miracle Paint Replacement Clamp (DC-50) for Sport & Challenger Paint Shakers 

DC-50 Replacement ClampDC-50 Replacement Clamp

Left (P10174) &  Right (P10173) Replacement Clamps for Pacer Paint Shakers

Pacer Replacement ClampPacer Replacement Clamp

Can clamps should be lubricated regularly to prevent binding. Due to the aggressive nature of the shaking motion, over time they may need to be serviced or replaced.

Request a quote on replacement clamps for your Miracle Paint or Pacer paint mixer, or contact us for more information on any of our paint shaker machines.