Challenger MDC-2-C Paint Shaker

The Challenger MDC-2-C counter model electric paint shaker is one of the most popular paint mixers in the Miracle Paint line. The MDC-2-C is engineered for industrial use, yet is quiet and versatile enough to be used in a laboratory. 

The single axis rocking motion provides a thorough mix for two containers simultaneously. When mixing only one can, simply clamp an empty can, board, or other spacer in the other clamp.

A great variety of container shapes and sizes fit safely into the paint shaker. The dual arm, front loading Challenger vertically clamps pints, quarts, and gallons without the need for adapters. Just secure the containers in the clamps and set the timer for your desired mixing time. 

All Miracle Paint electric paint shakers (except our explosion proof models) come standard with a 30 minute mechanical timer. The power cord plugs into any standard wall outlet for maximum flexibility. 

The MDC-2-C paint shaker comes with a countertop base. Simply secure the base to a solid surface or use our optional isolator cups

Contact Miracle Paint  today to discuss your mixing needs, or request for quote for the paint mixing equipment you need.

We also offer a full line of explosion proof paint shakers for use in hazardous environments.


  • Laboratory Mixers
  • Automotive Paint Shakers
  • Architectural Paint Shakers
  • Shakers for Ink Preparation
  • Industrial Products Blenders
  • Tumbler and Debur Applications
ModelMixing ArmsTimerMotorDrive
MDC-2-C Counter Model Dual 30 Min Manual 1/3 HP 115 V, 60 Hz, Cord Electric
19" 10.5" 22.5" 118 Lb.

Warranty: one year parts and labor
Load Capacity: 18 lbs.
Compatible Container Size: 3.0" to 10.5" in height