Sport DC-1-P Paint Shaker

Along with the DC-1-C, the Miracle Paint Sport DC-1-P pedestal paint shaker is one of the best values on the industrial paint mixer market. These paint mixers are Miracle Paint’s flagship products, and set our high standards for value, quality, and performance. With a simple single-axis motion, mixing paints, stains, industrial coatings, and more is fast and efficient.

Though DC-1-P electric paint mixers were designed for industrial use, with heavy-duty components and construction, they are quiet and versatile enough for a range of applications.

Sport model electric paint mixers are designed to mix one container at a time, and include manual timers that can be set in increments up to 30 minutes for heavier products like settled stains. These pedestal mixers can be secured to a flat surface or stabilized with our optional isolator cups. For double the paint mixing capacity, consider our Challenger MDC-2-C or MDC-2-P paint shakers.

All Miracle Paint industrial paint mixers are quality built, and will deliver years of dependable service. Request a quote on a Sport DC-1-P paint mixing machine, or contact us for more information on any of our paint can shakes.

We also offer explosion proof paint shakers for use in hazardous environments.


  • Laboratory Mixers
  • Automotive Paint Shakers
  • Architectural Paint Shakers
  • Shakers for Ink Preparation
  • Industrial Products Blenders
  • Tumbler and Debur Applications
ModelMixing ArmsTimerMotorDrive
DC-1-P Pedestal Model Single 30 Min Manual 1/3 HP 115 V, 60 Hz, Cord Electric
17" 10.5" 43.5" 118 Lb.

Warranty: one year parts and labor
Load Capacity: 18 lbs.
Compatible Container Size: 3.0" to 10.5" in height