Pacer Dual 15 Industrial Paint Shaker

Pacer Dual 15



Pacer Dual 15 with Safety Covers
Optional Safety Cover

The Pacer Dual 15 twin arm industrial mixer is designed to mix two paint containers simultaneously. Can clamps provide a secure hold for containers of various shapes and sizes. If you need to mix only one can, simply secure an empty can or container in the second clamp, set the timer as needed, and begin mixing.

Pacer Dual 15 paint shakers are built tough for mixing industrial weight coatings, adhesives, inks, and more. The high speed, bi-axial shaking motion ensures a thorough mix as colors and accents are distributed throughout the container quickly and evenly.

All Pacer paint shakers must be mounted on either a floor stand or a counter stand. Safety cover options are available for maximum operator safety. Optional limit switches are also available for our safety enclosures, to provide additional safety by automatically stopping the mixing cycle when a cover is lifted.

The Pacer Dual 15 electric paint shaker plugs into any standard wall outlet for easy installation almost anywhere.

Pacer Industrial Mixers is committed to providing the highest quality products and service at the best value. We look forward to working with you to match the right product to your needs. Request a quote on a Pacer Dual 15 paint shaker machine, or contact Miracle Paint for more information on any of our industrial paint mixers.


  • Laboratory Mixers
  • Automotive Paint Shakers
  • Architectural Paint Mixers
  • Shakers for Ink Preparation
  • Industrial Products Blenders
  • Tumbler and Debur Applications
ModelMixing ArmsTimerMotorDrive
Pacer Dual 15 Double 15 Min Manual 1/3 HP 115V/230V, 60/50 Hz, 1,725/1,425 RPM, Cord Electric
31.5" 17" 17" 130 Lb.

Warranty: one year parts and labor
Load Capacity: 22 lbs.
Compatible Container Size: 3.0" to 10.5" in height