Pacer Dual 30 Industrial Paint Shaker

Pacer Dual 60


Pacer Dual 60 with Safety Covers
Optional Safety Cover

The Pacer Dual 30 industrial mixer provides double the mixing capacity of our Pacer 30 paint shaker and is suitable for a wide range of materials. With a high speed, bi-axial motion that provides an effective, complete mix, Pacer paint mixers are ideal for a variety of applications, including use as a lab mixer, ink mixer, colorant mixer, and more. The versatile, heavy duty Pacer Dual 30 can be set for up to 30 minutes of continuous mixing, if needed, for heavy metallics, epoxies, and other difficult mixes.

Pacer Dual 30 electric paint shakers include grounded plugs that can be inserted into any standard wall outlet.

At Pacer Industrial Mixers, we are committed to safety. We recommend that all Pacer paint shakers be used with our specially designed safety covers. Optional limit switches are also available as an added safety feature. To ensure a safe, stable mixing setup, we recommend the use of either an optional counter stand or floor stand.


Pacer is dedicated to delivering quality products and quality service. Request a quote on a Pacer Dual paint shaker, or contact us for more information on any of our industrial paint can shakers.


  • Laboratory Mixers
  • Automotive Shakers
  • Architectural Paint Mixers
  • Shakers for Ink Preparation
  • Industrial Products Blenders
  • Tumbler and Debur Applications
ModelMixing ArmsTimerMotorDrive
Pacer Dual 30 Double 30 Min Manual 1/3 HP 115V/230V, 60/50 Hz, 1,725/1,425 RPM, Cord Electric
31.5" 17" 17" 130 Lb.

Warranty: one year parts and labor
Load Capacity: 22 lbs.
Compatible Container Size: 3.0" to 10.5" in height

Pacer Dual 30 Industrial Paint Mixer | Paint Shaker